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Why Romania? Would you consider going somewhere else?

We serve in Romania because of the need. We serve in Romania because of our unique family dynamic, so we feel that we are primed to be effective in helping bring growth to the body of Christ there - encouraging that existing body and adding to it.

We are not tied down to Romania as a country or Romanian’s as a people group, although we love them dearly. We are tied down to the ministry that God calls us to...our end goal in Romania is to see healthy churches involved in a missions movement (Romanians can have an easier time accessing countries that are “restricted access” for Americans - so we see the need to send our Romanian brothers and sisters into the mission field - the 10/40 window will be greatly impacted by them).

Once the need for us no longer exists in Romania, we will pack up and serve the Lord somewhere else. We are not tied to a country (although we do have a passion and heart for the people of Romania), we are simply regular people who love the Lord and are willing to serve Him where ever He leads.

What is ABWE's Ministry focus in Romania?

Church Planting, Leadership Training, and Children’s Ministries

ABWE began to share in bringing the message of Christ to Romania in the mid-1980s. So responsive were the Romanian people that plans were immediately laid to enlarge the thrust. Following the revolution, missionaries arrived in the country in 1993. ABWE's goal now is to implement and nurture a church-planting movement across the country. As part of the strategy, the development of resource and training centers in key cities will assist in training national leaders to expand the evangelistic movement. Romanian Baptist church leaders urgently requested Americans to provide godly men and women committed to long-term ministry in evangelism and discipleship.

How do I give to Team Guess?

Gifts given directly to the Guess family can be done securely here.

Tax-deductible donations can be made by cash, check or money order and mailed to P.O. Box 8585, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8585 Just remember to include in the memo line “Chris and Mihaela Guess” or you can Donate Online.

Do the Guess kids really have 11 toes each?

This is a rumor that we can not officially confirm or deny...if you really want to know, you need to visit with the family (the kids rarely have shoes on, so it should be pretty easy to find out).

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes! Anytime you give a donation through ABWE (you can do that HERE through their secure site), it is a tax-deductible donation. 

Some people want to give a gift directly to the family so they can use the funds for personal things (birthdays, clothes for the kids, Chris' beef jerky addiction),  and in that case, it is not tax-deductible (due to IRS rules and regulations). That can be done HERE through our secure site.

Do I get Receipts for my Donations?

ABWE's Donor Relations Department mails a receipt to every donor for each donation or you can choose to receive a receipt by e-mail (this not only is faster but it save on postage). The receipt has a detachable bottom portion that can be sent in a return envelope with your next contribution.

How do I send my gift if I have misplaced my receipt?

Send your check and a short note, or our online Mail Donation Form, indicating you have misplaced your receipt. Please include your name, address, and the missionary's name and/or project that you desire to support. If you know your donor number from a prior receipt, please include it on your current check and/or note. If you do not want to send a check without your donor number, our Donor Services Staff can provide your individual donor number to you by telephone, or email us at