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Jail or maybe even death?

By Chris Guess | Dec 8, 2018

I was walking to the subway station before sunrise early one cold foggy morning. Because I was alone, I had the freedom to think about whatever popped into mind. As I was walking, I realize something. Just a few decades ago, the things we do and the things we say would easily cause someone in…

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By Chris Guess | Nov 9, 2018

Romania is a very interesting place. Bucharest, the capital, is the trendsetter for almost everything. Interestingly enough, most people in Bucharest like Americans. Plus, they love most “American things”. MacDonalds occasionally run ads for “American burgers”. Something new that someone created, that to be honest, would never be sold in America. No one in America…

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Cultural Awareness

By Chris Guess | Nov 25, 2017

There are cultural differences between California and New York. If you have ever been to NYC & San Diego, you know that for starters, people dress differently. If you are driving in both places, you realize that in NYC, your horn is almost important as your breaks. San Diego on the other hand, driving is…

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Death brings Life

By Chris Guess | Nov 25, 2017

It is very normal in Romania for young children to be left with their grandparents for long periods of time. Some parents even leave their kids with the Grandparents for months on end as they travel to other parts of Europe for work. This has had some very destructive results to the family, marriages, and…

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By Mihaela Guess | Jul 17, 2017

For the last eight years, life has surprised me with a chain of trials that changed entirely everything: my view of life, God, people, suffering, eternity, purpose. Trials are a part of life “Some trials are large, life-shattering and long lasting. Others might be only lasting one day, one week or one month. Trials are…

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