alfAOmega church is looking for a new location.

The church has been at the same location for a number of years, and the rent continues to increase… causing us to pray about finding a location that can be used for more than just Sundays.

Space inside a European Union Capital City isn’t cheap – even if it is Romania. Currently, the rent is 2,000 euros a month for the use of the space on Sunday alone (the rent will be increasing by approximately 700 euros a month starting in January).

We have a team of individuals looking at options… there are a few currently.

The picture above is a small group gathered to pray at one potential location.

One of the main obstacles in finding a place is the cost. The place in the picture is 5,000 euros a month – but it would be the church location every day of the week.

– That we would find the place that God wants for the church.

– For the finances to be able to rent a place

– For the ministries of the church – outreach to the lost in our communities