Pastor Felix has been in the hospital for a month now… Friday, they did surgery on his leg and cleaned out much of the infection. Lord willing, this will prove to be the solution for eventually getting him home in one piece. It has been difficult for him and the family as he has been carrying the heavy load at home as Oana has been fighting stage 4 cancer. Pray for his and her healing. God is able. Sometimes, however, it isn’t His plan. So we pray for healing, and for humble hearts to trust in our sovereign God and His will.

The last two days, Felix has been in some intensive treatments where he is unable to talk on the phone. I am not sure what that all means, but tomorrow, Oana should be able to talk with him.

We were able to have a Zoom call the other day and chat a bit as a group (members of the church planting team). It was good to connect. Pray for the church plant as well… things have been delayed – which isn’t a bad thing. God’s timing is the best timing.


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