Saturday, Felix’s knee began to hurt. He took it easy on Sunday and stayed in bed, but it just got worse. Monday, I went to take him to the hospital because the pain was so intense…

The first hospital gave him some pills. They didn’t do an x-ray or MRI, just looked at his leg and sent him home after the 5-minute examination.

Tuesday, the next hospital looked at his leg, drew 110 ml of fluid from his knee, and sent him home in a cast and telling him he must have injured the knee on Saturday when he was working in the garden.

Wednesday, his leg had swollen so much that I had to cut him out of the cast. We were going to go to a private hospital, and then the Lord worked things out where a friend of a friend made some calls before we arrived to the private hospital, and he was able to go to the SRI’s hospital (a really good hospital). The SRI is Romania’s KGB.

We got to the hospital, and they checked our ID before entering the parking lot… because I am a foreigner, they wouldn’t let us into the parking lot. We had to park on a busy street, and they came to get him from the street.

They ran some tests, did some labs, and planned to admit him. But they didn’t have any beds open, so they transferred him to the other SRI hospital an hour away outside of Bucharest.

Friday, they drew fluid from his knee and tested it. He has a staph infection. They will be opening up his leg to clean it out and treat things with powerful antibiotics.

We don’t know what the Lord has planned, but we are praying for complete healing.

– Pray for healing!

– Pray for Oana as she cares for their two daughters without Felix as he is in the hospital. Her continuing battle with stage 4 cancer has left her without the strength and energy she used to have.

– Pray for Karina and Evy as they are very worried for their dad.

– Pray for Felix as he is alone in the hospital. Pray for comfort and courage.

– Pray for the gospel as Felix is sharing it with those around him.