We belong to a European church planting collaborative group (organization, collective, I am not sure what the right word is to describe it)… I serve as the Coaching Coordinator for Romania (and help with Ukraine, Moldova, looks like soon Bulgaria, Albania, and Kosovo possibly). When local churches have a church planting team, our group helps with assessment, equipping, and coaching of that team. It is a two year process of providing support to local churches as they plant more churches. 

The team in the photos above comes from churches all across Romania. We hold biweekly meetings on Zoom for the most part because of the distance for a portion of the team, so it was a blessing to have us all together for this two day meeting. 

We talked about what is currently happening with our team, as well as the churches we are currently helping plant new churches, and we talked about the call for help from other countries. It is so encouraging to see Romanians excited about not only helping other Romanians but also Ukrainians, Moldovans, Bulgarians, Albanians, and Kosovars. There is a lot of work, and we are praying for more workers. 

In the first part of 2024, I will be going to Spain to collaberate with others who coordinate coaching in differnt countries. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to church planting, and we want to learn as much as possible as we help others answer the call to plant.