Recently Mihi received a confirmed diagnosis of having Lyme Disease. While the disease is not good news, having a diagnosis has been helping the doctors in setting a course of treatment. 

You might remember that back in December, we all came down with a really bad case of COVID. Following the recovery, Mihi’s bloodwork showed she had extremely elevated D-Dimer along with a number of other things. The doctors treated everything, and things began to return to her baseline. 

This last week, Mihi had some bloodwork done and the results came in. Her numbers have skyrocketed again, and 2 of her doctors have sent her to be hospitalized so they can 1) get things under control, 2) figure out why things are out of control.

I don’t believe it is a result of Lyme Disease, it could be the continuing effects of COVID or a cocktail combination of the two. Whatever is going on, it isn’t “happy hour” here. 

That being said, Mihi has a great attitude and mental outlook on what is going on. God has given her peace – even with the unknown and being hospitalized. 

Please Pray!
– Mihi to continue to be in good spirits and for opportunities to share the Gospel in the hospital. For the doctors to get things under control. And that they can figure out what is going on.